Cottage in the country side

Ferienhaus Makarska
Cottage in the countryside Villa DalmatiaToday, everyone in a hurry. Certainly we were not able to find time zaVikendica in nature itself. It's always something more important what should be done instead of quality rest. An increasing number of people is a hobby in which to enjoy but just for a few hours. Work I was extremely demanding and includes a full day tour with a lot of travel and the outbreak of the house. Very often when I have a free Sunday almost all day can not break away from work, if I stay home. You can not just shut down just because it was Sunday. Later I realized that it was necessary when I have free time somewhere to get away from everyday life. My peace I found in a cottage lot of the hill above the town of Makarska. Cottage in the countryside in a secluded place surrounded by olive groves offers me a unique holiday in the rare moments when I find time. My father built for themselves in order to enjoy the free moments. When he came in some years it has become all of this a lot of work for him so he decided to give me. Today relaxes fished and making miniatures of wood, and often enjoys in the cottage. Today, man has lost the connection with nature and there is nothing more beautiful than that, but when it is found. When you have something so beautiful, but you do not have time to use it slowly decays. Arriving in a situation when you have free time that you have always something to do at the cottage. This then is not it. It relaxes me working in the garden, but you always have a hundred other things. At one point I came up with the idea to renovate the cottage, install a swimming pool and a rich equipment and share with their guests. In all this I wanted to keep my soul that the house has. This was the moment when I decided to own piece of paradise I can not hold more jealously only for themselves but to share with your guests Cottage station Villa

Ferienhaus Dalmatien

Exchange itself kit renovated, made the kitchen and bedrooms of real oak wood. I renovated all of the installation, insulation, plaster, floors, walls, ceilings. Made new bathroom, installed all possible equipment, floor heating, air conditioning ... And so was the Villa Keti Makarska which I have named after her mother, who with his father built a cottage. Villa Keti Makarska Villa Keti Makarska today is one of najpunijih house in Croatia, which receives guests from ožujka to November. In winter, for now we have not had guests even though we receive a lot of inquiries for the winter. The work that I do is mostly seasonal so at a time when I have the most work are the guests at the villa. When winter comes every free time wife and I and our two girls enjoy our beautiful villa. Zoran Premeru